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Gori Tere Pyaar Mein - Movie Review
This is Bollywood treat floss getting it done - cushy, sugary, pretty and pink. You can't head off to watch 'Gori Tere Pyaar Mein' and consider it important. What you will consider important is that Punit Malhotra can't make romcoms. Whatsoever. He points for Karan Johar-ish material, yet misses the point pitifully. 

An excessive amount of melodies and moves that are not energetic enough. Numerous outfit changes and spruced up backgrounds that neglect to entrance. Metatextual references fall as well. The lead match of Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan is attractive, yet look uninterested and impassive. They grin, serenade and smile without any conviction. 

Also if his directorial obligations wasn't sufficient, he even duplicates as journalist to support Arshad Syed for the screenplay and discourse, penning the most tiring and characterless lines ever. Indeed, his faltering traps at acquiring fun lines/instances from Bollywood hit sentiments isn't novel or critical. His fondness story is situated in a landscape unbecoming of Karan's extravagant sceneries - with cow fertilizer and dust playing noticeable parts in this sentiment. 
Punit's crab-counseling Romeo is reasonable cleaned and cleaned enough to uproot any hint of his Tamilian bloodline, while his Juliet is (additionally) reasonable cleaned and vivacious to make a social makeover in a natural village. Their skin tones, which would've overall gone unnoticed, is frequently highlighted, a few times in the most wrong way, to bore home the focus that South Indians and the discouraged can just be dim cleaned. 

They fall head over heels in love, over one wedding melody and various social rebellions. Their folks play the stereotypical mother fathers, each one stressing Bollywood's North-South separate. The Punjabis are uproarious, while the Tamilians talk in a strange twang with a white powder spread on their temples. The main freeing change, in the event that you can call it one, is that both are rich. 

The partners part since their philosophies don't gel. One's a no-nonsense communist, while the other a self-admitted sluggish bum. After a couple of hiccups, which unfold in a natural village divided from the planet by a precarious rope span, they unite in "blissfully ever after". Imran Khan does either of the three things in the film – sleepwalks, utilize his eyebrows to act out or take to his Ray bans to make up for his absence of execution. Kareena Kapoor Khan easily gets through as the feisty Dia Sharma, who picks any, and each, issue to rebel against. How she figures out how to battle for issues and still resemble million dollars in her sweet outfits and manicured nails is anyone's conjecture. Most likely that is the reason she accepts that just building a scaffold will tackle a whole village's issues. 
Greenhorns Shraddha Kapoor and Esha Gupta are part of this untidy undertaking, yet nobody got opportunity to take a gander at their slip-ups 

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein (2013) Full Movie Watch Online - DVD

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein (2013) Full Movie Watch Online - DVD

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