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There is a sort of subverted bliss in viewing Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor play a Valentinian sentiment with a full-throttle energy. Milenge sat down for a bit to go to the theatres. Yes, it is dated designed in subject. Not dated. The material which must have been very cumbersome when Kaushik was finished with shooting has been cut and stuck with limited energy. What we have is a paper-meager, now and again adorable on occasion disturbing rom-com where Destiny has crucial influence. Kiss-mat, anybody? Yup, closeness is outlaw between Shahid and Kareena. However they regardless resemble a true pair. 
The plot trudges at a pace that proposes adoration is practically the main compel that keeps the universe moving. Both the heroes play experts. In any case we barely see them work aside from on their perpetually palpitating hearts. The plot designs different mechanisms from missed flights to truant lifts to courageous person in drag and champion in glycerine to keep the adoration fowls separated for two hours. There are some inspiring minutes delineating irregular hearts pumping into an aggregate misery as time ticks by. There's no endeavor to force punches, no over-shrewd discoursed and no exertion to paint and shine the inclination of adoration with cheeky "cool" lines. Chief Satish Kaushik plays the sentiment on the straight and restricted way.

Furthermore that is practically the most consoling part of this fundamental straightforward and foreseeable kid meets-young lady story. The central exhibitions range from intelligent to genuine. Shockingly Shahid has a tendency to go over the edge in the unanticipated comic arrangements. In any case he makes up for the abundances in the second-half with interpretations of a darling's anguish over Cupid's astray shaft. 

Kareena looks stunning and thin in a few scenes, flawless and generally stout in different scenes. In totality the science is truly obvious, substantially more so than in a percentage of the other tremendously advertised affection stories that arrived of late with a blast and failed

out without the string of adoration being tangible in a solitary casing. In Milenge you do feel for the sweethearts. Perhaps it need to do with the way that we realize what the film's darlings don't. That the on-screen characters playing them were included not very far in the past. Yet quiet!

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